Case Study #1: Female Funders


Katherine Homuth is an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and author. Katherine created Female Funders - an organization dedicated to helping women fund and get funded to solve a massive gap in the marketplace. Previously, Katherine founded ShopLocket, acquired by PCH in 2014. She has been named one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women and one of 5 Women to Watch in Wearable Technology.


When Female Funders launched in 2015, the goal and challenge was to help 1,000 women become angel investors. #FemaleFunders1000. The education goal was to create two online schools Angel Academy (for startups and for investors).



  • Blended education, combining online courses with the opportunity for in-person learning
  • Custom Wordpress Build
  • Google Hangouts (today I would recommend Zoom) for live coaching with industry experts
  • Slack for community building
  • Lead Dyno for Affiliate Marketing



Female Funders was acquired by Highline Beta (VC Firm) within two years. The online course was instrumental in community building to high net-worth individuals while also becoming an evolving tangible asset that added value to the acquisition.


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